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Igennem årene har jeg arbejdet med mange forskellige typer mennesker, virksomheder og stillingsbeskrivelser – her er et par udtalelser fra et par stykker af dem:

Quote from CEO:

Rasmus Goth Engel has been a tremendous colleague for the entire organisation with his very loyal and devoted work which always was done with a smile. Rasmus started as teenager in the company and matured into very skilled and liked empatic colleague, who any company will benefit to have in its organisation.

Quote from VP / Production Director:

Rasmus is the most dedicated FInancial Controllers I have ever worked with. Despite his young age, he is very well founded in general business processes, reporting structures, database programming, combined with a natural general business sense.

Quote from Sales Director:

Rasmus, on the surface is a truly warm and approachable character. Below surface however, he holds a numeric intellect and extremely ambitious mind. During our sparring on Business Intelligence, his ambition surfaced and hence he demonstrated a sharp focus on the assignment at hand. Taking charge of the assignment and delivering a concept that by far exceeded what was ever expected. Working with Rasmus has been as rewarding as it has been enjoyable. I hope to be working with Rasmus soon again.

Quote from CFO / VP:

Rasmus is truly a dynamic teamplayer, who takes lead in generating new angels of analysing the businesses and aiming to continuesly improve outcome. He was a respected colleague to everyone and allways with humor and a smile. The best recommendation I can give is that I would hire him again.

Quote from ERP manager:

I’ve enjoyed working closely together with Rasmus for more than 3 years in his role as Business Controller. As Rasmus, step by step, grew to take full responsibility of developing and operating DELTA’s entire BI solution, we have been sparring on ERP- and BI related issues. Rasmus is intelligent, extremely ambitious and the effort he puts in carrying out his job, far exceeds one’s expectations. Among Rasmus’ many qualities, I especially admire his ability to view problems from different angles and to choose the best solutions with great certainty. As a person Rasmus is on one side like a terrier who barks and bites whenever he discovers fault play or injustice, and on the other side a gentle and emphatic person among collegues and friends. I would highly recommend Rasmus as Business Controller to any company.

Ræk ud til mig hvis du vil høre mere omkring hvordan vi sammen kan arbejde sammen. Mvh. Rasmus Goth Engel – du kan også læse mere om mit CV på denne side: www.rasmusengel.dk